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NMA Leadership Awards presented at the 2005 Tailhook Association Reunion and Symposium

Strike Fighter Wing Pacific
  • CDR Kevin Mannix, VFA-27
  • LCDR Kevin Aanestad, VFA-14
  • LT Sean Burrow, SFSWP

Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic

  • CDR B.D. Koehr, VF-103
  • LCDR Liam Bruen, VF-31
  • LT James Bardell, VFA-213
  • LT Damon B. Loveless, VFA-143
  • AMCS(AW) Jonnie Moss, CSFWL

Sea Control Wing Pacific

  • CDR Ross Myers, VS-41
  • LCDR Paul Carelli, VS-33
  • LT Timothy Krippendorf, VS-41

Sea Control Wing Atlantic

  • CDR Michael Prosperi, VS-31
  • LCDR Scott Hendrix, VS-31
  • LT Russ Crawford, VS-32

AEW Wing Pacific

  • CDR Pete Tomczak, VAW-116
  • LCDR Les Spanheimer, VAW-113
  • LT Jason Fox, VAW-113

AEW Wing Atlantic

  • CDR Michael Ryan, VAW-120
  • LCDR Tim Slentz, VAW-125
  • LT Chris Muldoon, VRC-40

VAQ Wing Pacific

  • CDR Mike Coury, VAQ-131
  • LCDR Chris Middleton, VAQ-135
  • LT David Harris, EAWS

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